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JDS Architects Limited, Huckletree D2.
The Academy, 42 Pearse Street, Dublin, D02 HV59, Ireland

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    Designing a new retail experience

    8.10.2019 2019

    JDS was tasked as retail designers to design this simple kiosk which is now a thriving juice bar in Dundrum Town Centre.

    Commercial interior design

    8.10.2019 Latest News

    As commercial architects we acted as architects and interior architects for Sutton Shops retail complex, an post's shell and core was part of this.

    Sigma Retail Office Design

    8.10.2019 Before & Afters

    JDS acted as interior architects and designers for this new office design for Sigma Retail Partners. A mix of rustic materials, retro furniture and planting to soften this industrial look.

    Retail Design

    8.10.2019 Latest News

    JDS were tasked with the refurbishment of this existing mobile phone shop for it 10th anniversary of being in business. We acted as interior architects for the client who wanted to set a new benchmark for phone retailers which would allow Fonez to target Dublin as a serious contender amongst all the current 1 man stores selling phones and doing repairs.

    New Parish Centre

    17.5.2019 Drawing Board

    Jennings Design Studio is working on a new feasibility study and architecture scheme. The scheme is for the development of a new parish centre in Howth, Co. Dublin. The proposed structure will wrap around the existing building. Consideration has also been given to the landscape architecture of the site. This helps it blend seamlessly into its surroundings. Additionally, the proposal outlines our interior design direction for the building. The plan will maximise light and the available space.    

    Community Centre Extension

    17.5.2019 Drawing Board

    Jennings Design Studio is excited to be working on the proposed design, refurbishment and extension of a Community Centre in Dublin. The proposed landscape architecture is built into the sloping site. Consideration has been given to the existing architecture of the structure. This helps the old and newly refurbished elements blend seamlessly together. Additionally, the proposal outlines improved interior design maximising the potential use of space and light for the building.

    New build – Office

    20.9.2018 Drawing Board

    An innovative new 6000sq ft new office development in Dublin going through planning, carefully designed on a sensitive site.

    New HQ Office Fit Out – architectural refurbishment and interior design by Jennings Design Studio

    HQ – Office Fit Out

    1.8.2018 2018

    A growing PLC organisation asked us to design the refurbishment of this warehouse as their new HQ to meet the projected future growth of the company.

    Be Learned – School

    5.6.2018 2018

    Concept design for better student and staff access and facilities in an existing school.

    Park Life

    7.3.2017 Drawing Board

    A new concept design for the redevelopment of an existing park and sports venue in Dublin.


    7.3.2017 Drawing Board

    A new concept design for the expansion and refurbishment of a race course in Kildare.

    We are sailing

    7.3.2017 Drawing Board

    A new concept design for the redevelopment of an existing sailing club in Dublin.

    Mixed Use Development

    12.11.2016 Drawing Board

    A new mixed use development in Dublin that will include 50 apartments, retail units, and a primary health care centre.


    12.10.2016 Drawing Board

    A new contemporary restaurant venue, with dramatic open spaces, and cosy atmospheric corners, the second restaurant for this experienced client.

    First Fortnight Charity

    26.9.2016 Drawing Board

    The Art of Mental Health Our job was to create a concept design for this worthy charity.  We needed to improve the security to the entrance and front of the building and to create rear access to the proposed allotments plus propose a colour scheme, all under a tight budget.

    Eye Retail

    9.1.2016 Drawing Board

    A stylish distinctive new design for this established Optician chain.

    Clerys Department Store

    6.12.2015 Before & Afters

    The 'before' image gives us a glimpse of the massive flood damage. We undertook the complete refurbishment of this iconic 4 storey department store.  Although the store is now closed, it will never be forgotten.

    R&D Workplace

    5.12.2015 Drawing Board

    A large phased refurbishment for a successful multinational.

    Donnybrook Fair

    6.11.2015 Before & Afters

    This 'before' photo shows us the shell of the building that was to become DF Deli. We designed it to make use of every inch of space.  Now the store feels spacious contemporary and fresh.

    Mixed Use Development

    5.11.2015 Drawing Board

    A new mixed use development in Wicklow including 50 homes, a community shopping centre, and nursing home.

    Eason Belfast

    6.10.2015 Before & Afters

    The 'before' shot shows you the till area before the full refurbishment of the Belfast flagship store. We developed an overall store design character and atmosphere with each individual department telling its own story, which was rolled out to many of the Eason stores all over Ireland.

    Tech Workplace

    5.10.2015 Drawing Board

    An innovative refurbishment for a successful tech design studio.

    Clerys closes it’s doors

    1.7.2015 Latest News

    It was a sad day to see this iconic store closing, especially after our involvement with the 2013 refurbishment, it was an extraordinary experience. If the new owners can hold onto a little of the essence of Clerys they will be onto a winner. O'Connell street, should look like the beauty she deserves to be and we hope the fresh new look of Clerys will create a draw for us Irish and tourists alike. We will miss the old girl.

    The Construction Industry Awards 2014

    8.7.2014 Latest News

    Very proud to win The Architectural Firm of the Year 2014 and winner of The Best Retail Project of the Year 2014 for Clerys Department Store  

    RIAI Awards 2014

    1.7.2014 Latest News

    Thank you to everyone who voted for Clerys, 12,700 public votes were cast, and thanks to your vote Clerys Department Store refurbishment won 2nd place in the Public Choice Awards 2014, a fantastic outcome which shows just how much Clerys is loved. In addition, separately, Clerys Department Store refurbishment was judged overall Winner - Commercial/Retail project 2014, we are doubly delighted and extremely proud of this outstanding achievement in the most prestigious Irish Architectural Awards. (From left to right; Robin Mandal —President of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland along with our own Katrine Westum, Brian Jennings, Susan McBride with Ruairi Quinn —Minister for Education.)  

    Tootoomoo London

    2.1.2013 Latest News

    We had a great night at the opening of our project TooTooMoo in Crouch End in London.

    Complete Fit Out

    15.11.2012 Latest News

    Eason Belfast is the Irish Times Fit Out Project of the Year 2012. Also picked up the Large Retail Award on the night... double whammy!    

    Independant Stores

    1.4.2011 Latest News

    Independant Stores always lead the design trends, see this cool found and recycled signage.


    19.1.2011 Latest News

    Just finished on site, this is looking great, lighting working well, some cool shades planned for the outside.

    Design by planes

    5.1.2011 Latest News

    This is real! Taken Saturday 11th Dec in Sutton