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JDS Architects Limited, Huckletree D2
The Academy, 42 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, D02 HV59 Ireland

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    Designing a new retail experience

    8.10.2019 2019

    JDS was tasked as retail designers to design this simple kiosk which is now a thriving juice bar in Dundrum Town Centre.

    Commercial interior design

    8.10.2019 Latest News

    As commercial architects we acted as architects and interior architects for Sutton Shops retail complex, an post's shell and core was part of this.

    Sigma Retail Office Design

    8.10.2019 Before & Afters

    JDS acted as interior architects and designers for this new office design for Sigma Retail Partners. A mix of rustic materials, retro furniture and planting to soften this industrial look.

    Retail Design

    8.10.2019 Latest News

    JDS were tasked with the refurbishment of this existing mobile phone shop for it 10th anniversary of being in business. We acted as interior architects for the client who wanted to set a new benchmark for phone retailers which would allow Fonez to target Dublin as a serious contender amongst all the current 1 man stores selling phones and doing repairs.

    New Parish Centre

    17.5.2019 Drawing Board

    Jennings Design Studio is working on a new feasibility study and architecture scheme. The scheme is for the development of a new parish centre in Howth, Co. Dublin. The proposed structure will wrap around the existing building. Consideration has also been given to the landscape architecture of the site. This helps it blend seamlessly into its surroundings. Additionally, the proposal outlines our interior design direction for the building. The plan will maximise light and the available space.    

    Community Centre Extension

    17.5.2019 Drawing Board

    Jennings Design Studio is excited to be working on the proposed design, refurbishment and extension of a Community Centre in Dublin. The proposed landscape architecture is built into the sloping site. Consideration has been given to the existing architecture of the structure. This helps the old and newly refurbished elements blend seamlessly together. Additionally, the proposal outlines improved interior design maximising the potential use of space and light for the building.