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Clerys Department Store

6.12.2015 Before & Afters

The 'before' image gives us a glimpse of the massive flood damage. We undertook the complete refurbishment of this iconic 4 storey department store.  Although the store is now closed, it will never be forgotten.

R&D Workplace

5.12.2015 Drawing Board

A large phased refurbishment for a successful multinational.

Donnybrook Fair

6.11.2015 Before & Afters

This 'before' photo shows us the shell of the building that was to become DF Deli. We designed it to make use of every inch of space.  Now the store feels spacious contemporary and fresh.

Mixed Use Development

5.11.2015 Drawing Board

A new mixed use development in Wicklow including 50 homes, a community shopping centre, and nursing home.

Eason Belfast

6.10.2015 Before & Afters

The 'before' shot shows you the till area before the full refurbishment of the Belfast flagship store. We developed an overall store design character and atmosphere with each individual department telling its own story, which was rolled out to many of the Eason stores all over Ireland.

Tech Workplace

5.10.2015 Drawing Board

An innovative refurbishment for a successful tech design studio.

Clerys closes it’s doors

1.7.2015 Latest News

It was a sad day to see this iconic store closing, especially after our involvement with the 2013 refurbishment, it was an extraordinary experience. If the new owners can hold onto a little of the essence of Clerys they will be onto a winner. O'Connell street, should look like the beauty she deserves to be and we hope the fresh new look of Clerys will create a draw for us Irish and tourists alike. We will miss the old girl.